Trend Report

March 14th, 2017

3. Bare Shoulders

Sometimes you gotta give them a little shoulder and this seasons fashions has made it easy to do just that.  Our most beloved off the shoulder styles are back in full force this spring/summer.  The asymmetrical one shoulder, the shoulder cut-outs and of course the classic off the shoulder are there for the choosing.  So, if there is a particular bare shoulder style you been hanging onto in your closet, now is the time to pull it from the back of your closet rid it from it’s moth balls and put it back in rotation. Or for those of us who may be shopping for a couple spring/summer pieces this may be a style to consider bringing into the change room.

How to wear this trend? Although not suited for the office, this trend can be worn in just about any setting, depending on the style of the garment of course . If you have low set shoulders this may not be the trend for you.  Women who tend to be heavy set on top and enjoy the support of a strapped bra may want to opt for the cut-outs with thicker straps.  This trend in flirty so in the end wear what you feel most comfortable and confident it.

Off the Shoulder_Fotor_Collage_Fotor

March 31st, 2017

2. It’s All Stripes

Stripes in all sizes, all colours and all direction is without a doubt a predominate trend for 2017 with a running start in spring/summer fashions.  Although, stripes are around every season, there are seasons in which their presence in apparel and accessories are a bit stronger than others.  This season there isn’t a shortage of styles.  The runways gave us the classic black and white, the nautical blue, white and red, the soft khaki and off white neutrals right to the bright and bold technicolor combinations.  There is enough to fulfill every personal style sense.

How to wear this trend?  Mix and match widths; combine vertical with horizontal; pair with interesting prints; wear it from head to toe or just a subtle touch will also do.


March 20th, 2017

KYC Top Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Trends

Yay! Spring! With a new season, there often follows new hot trends. Each week over the next 3 weeks KYC will release one of their top trend picks for this season.

1. The Romantic Boho

It’s so easy to be Boho chic in the spring/summer months.  With the eccentric prints, the ruffles and fluidity  of the fabrics it’s hard not to gravitate to the freedom that often comes with this style.  However, this season designers have really romanticize that bohemian girl by adding soft embellishments, designing sexy silhouettes and mixing and creating delicate fabrication.

Romantic Boho_Fotor_Collage_Fotor

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