A Stylist Take

March 8, 2014

Can’t believe it’s almost been a week since Oscar night.  Oscar night 2014 has come and gone and what a fashion show it was!  Oh sorry!  I mean award show.  It was a great night and Ellen DeGeneres was nothing but a superb host. I mean she broke twitter for crying out loud.  Good on you Ellen.

But enough about the show let’s get down to business.  What were the best and worst looks of the evening?  What ‘Glam Squad’ hit all the marks and what ‘Glam Squads’ came out flat?  What dresses made my heart skip a beat and what made it race in absolute shock?  Yes, there were a few looks we could have done without but no real doozy except for Anne Sweeny’s dress which made me want to close my eyes and hope that if I squeezed them tight enough this nightmare would go away.  But all in all I was pleasantly delighted with what the red carpet had to offer Sunday night.

Let us start with the top looks first.  Because let’s face it, in fashion we always want to see the pretty things first.

KYC’s Top 5 Best Looks:

Amy Adams won my heart in this well structure Gucci Couture navy blue strapless gown with little peplum like detail at the hips.  This gown gave her an amazing hourglass silhouette. It was definitely the right colour right cut and right elegant style for Amy.  I also love when stylists and stars go the route of not over powering an elegant yet brilliantly designed dress with too much accessories.  Some gowns need to just shine on its own with minimal help and Amy did just that by pairing this dress with some beautiful tear drop shaped earring and forgoing a necklace in order to keep our attention to the simplistic detailing of this gown.


The Cinderella of the ball, Lupita Nyong’o looked absolutely stunning in her pale blue Prada gown.  I love seeing my sistas rock colour.  Yes it’s true, there is hardly any colour that doesn’t look great on our (darker) skin tone but Lupita took the pale blue to a whole nother level. This dress was said to be inspired by champangne bubbles and it truly embody that.  It was stylish, it was flowy, it was whimsical and it was sexy yet fun. I guess they knew she was going to have something to celebrate that night.  Her hair was also on point. Can we say high fashion?! It looked great.  I know that this look will definitely awaken a few trends and we will be seeing Lupita’s look referenced in many things like weddings and other events.  Round of applause to her stylist Micaela Erlanger, you nailed it!


I know some may not agree with my next choice but, ‘Oh My Yes’ Charlize Theron…..you look like a vixen in that dress and I love it!  If I was blond I would want to look like Charlize in this Dior gown.  I loved the way she wore it. Her style, her hair, her shape was perfect for the design of this dress.  The clear straps I thought were a clever idea.  It gave the illusion that the dress is standing up all on its own.  The combination of fabrics and textures brought another dimension to the dress. And the design really allowed for Chalize’s perfect hourglass silhouette to shine.   For a moment I felt like I was at the Dior fashion show and there is nothing wrong with that.  It was an editorial moment that I thought it was fabulous.



Kate Hudson and Sandra Bullock took the award for fabulous old Hollywood.  I’m a sucker for anything Alexander McQueen and Sandra rocked that navy blue gown. The colour looked very rich against her skin.  I loved the detailing of the draping pleats on the side and her side sweep cascading curls hairstyle was the right choice for the dress.

Kate Hudson just looked so glamorous in her Atelier Versace gown.  What can I say? I liked everything about this dress right down to the cowl caplet.  There was just something about this dress and her overall look that just brought you back to old Hollywood.  It draped over her body very well and she just looked statuesque.

KYC’s Oscar 2014 Worst list:

Loved your hair, loved your make-up but did not love your dress Anne Hathaway.  Wasn’t this the same dress from last year but just in black and some sort of silver metal thingy?  It didn’t work last year so why would it work this year?  Please let your style team know that halter is just not the right cut for you.


This gorgeous vintage style Valentino gown was not for cute, petite Sally Hawkins.  It was a beautiful gown that over powered Sally. At times it looked as though she was being swallowed by the dress.  This was a case of pretty actress, gorgeous dress, wrong pairing.  Shame on her stylist!  It’s not enough to want to put your client in an expensive beautiful name brand gown, you should also know what style of dress your client’s body can handle.


Anna Kendrick’s dress….hmmmm!  It just had a lot of everything going on and not in a good way.  I just couldn’t make sense of it all and it really didn’t flatter her in any way.  There was no real direction of the dress.  This dress could have benefited from a little bit (ok a lot) of editing before it had hit the red carpet runway.  And it could have certainly done without that cut out.  Was anyone helping Anna out with this look?  If you need a stylist Anna, I would be happy to lend you a helping hand.


President of Disney Anne Sweeny and actress Veerle Baetens…..I am at a loss for words.  I wouldn’t be surprised if these two were on everyone’s worst dressed list for obvious reason.  Anne Sweeny’s dress looked as though it could have been its own main character in a Disney cartoon movie, which I guess is fitting.


Veerle Baetens potato sack gown did her no justice.  It was shapeless, it was a awful colour and the texture of the gown just made it look cheap.  But don’t take my word on it, you be the judge.

So there you have it!  KYC’s Ocars 2014 Best and Worst list.


January 26, 2014

KYC’s Golden Globes Best Dress List

I know this is well overdue and sorry for the delay.  Sometimes life sidetracks you from what is important such as ‘Fashion’.  But without further delay here is KYC’s Top 5 Golden Globes Best Dress.

As always there were some not so hot dress choices on the red carpet.  I won’t go in depth but I will say that Kerry Washington’s choice disappointed me again.  Her Olivia Pope wardrobe seems to supersede her own.  I felt there were so many other dresses her stylist could have chosen to display her beautiful pregnant glow. Instead this Balenciaga gown really aged her. Made he look more like an old Grandma, than a on top of her game soon to be mom.


Now on to the hits.  There were some great dresses that night and it was really hard to just narrow it down to 5.  Some of the usually names that have graced KYC’s  ‘Best Dressed’ list many times in the past, such as Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence, has done so once again. Both these girl wore gowns from 2 of my favorite designers. Taylor, stunning in Carolina Herrera and Jennifer Lawrence, gorgeous in Christian Dior.  

Kate Beckinsale and Julianna Margulies also had many doing a double take with their gown choices and for that they are on our Best Dressed list.


GG 2014

Cate Blanchette completes our top 5 list.  This intricate Armani Privé  lace gown needed to be showcased on it’s on as it is a gown that needs to be taken in from all angles.  It was elegant, vintage inspired, classic and sexy.  It was everything I love in one gown.      




January 12, 2014

Spring/Summer 2014 Shoe fashion

Those who know me knows that I have a few fashion weaknesses and a big one is shoes.  Shoes are like a fine piece of art to me. They are my Picasso and Monet, and when my eyes are fixed admiring a great shoes, a symphony begins to play in my head.

It has been awhile since I posted a great shoe and a Christian Louboutin is always worth posting.


Christian Louboutin’s Spring/ Summer collection is a hit.  The name of this shoe is ‘BeautyK’ and rightfully so, as every inch of this shoe is just that, a beauty.  Each shoe in this collection is thoughtfully designed and his heels are filled with sex appeal.

One of my favorite aspect of this shoe is the color combination which makes this shoe so versatile.  It can be easily worn with so many different outfits, bringing any outfit to life and to that next level.

The style is timeless and I’m sure we will be seeing it beautifully displayed on the feet of Hollywood Stars.


November 26th, 2013

Best Dressed AMAs 2013

I wasn’t overly impressed by the red carpet looks at the 2013 AMAs.  There was nothing that really grabbed me, nothing that made me have a “must have that” moment.  However, if I had to choose the best looks of the night this would be my list.


As always Taylor Swift and Nicole Richie looked fabulous.  I love that these ladies really know and own their style.  Taylor is living up her 20s! Wearing every and anything she wants with confidence.  Showing those young hot legs in her mini and not over accessorizing was a great decision; let the fabulous metallic dress do all the talking.  Nicole Richie does let being a mom and wife damper her style; in fact she embraces the role of the hot stylish mom.  Love that she went with the cut out and having them in the right place, sexy yet elegant.

No one can deny that Naya Rivera was looking hot in that Michael Kors number.  I would have had to close up that key whole a little bit for myself but she wore that dress very well.

I love that each one of these ladies didn’t overdo it with the accessories but the embraced the gold trend of the season.


January 26th, 2013

I can honestly say that I was far from disappointed by the 2013 Golden Globe’s red carpet.  It was definitely a treat to see some pieces from our beloved designers.  Some gowns we recognized from their spring 2013 collections and others were new creations inspired by their Hollywood muse.

Now I’m not saying there weren’t any ‘duds’ among the gems, but even the not so hots weren’t horrid as some we have all seen in years before.

As my nails were drying from my home manicure (inspired by E!’s new mani-cam), my list of best dress and worst began to form.

Let’s start with the bad.

Miss List.

Julianna Hough’s white ball gown with gold embellishments by Monique L’huillier I found to be a little bit much for the Golden Globe’s. The dress itself was lovely but it looked as though she was trying too hard with that gown.  At times I felt as though I was about to witness Ryan and Julianna’s wedding.

julianne-hough GG2013

Jennifer Lopez’s nude with white lace dress by Zuhair Murad was nothing but expected.


For me it was a moment of here we go again.  These barely there, nothing left to the imaginations gowns seem to be her fashion statement but to me they have become predictable and rather boring.  Amazing body? Yes!  Amazing red carpet style? Hmmm!  Loving the hair though, JLo!

I was really disappointed with Anne Hathaway’s in her 2 piece off-white Chanel number.

Anne Hathaway GG2013

I know there are many out there who say they loved her look.  Now I’m not going to knock Chanel. It was a modest and classy, but if I’m being honest it wasn’t the right look for Hathaway’s image right now.  For the “NOW” actress on the top of her game, we are expecting a bit more like a complete show stopper.  Something that compliments her spunky personality, her great body and her new sexy pixie cut.  I felt that this particular Chanel ensemble did nothing great for her shape, made her look a little square in the bodice and aged her a little too much.

I had such high hopes for Jennifer Lawrence, in her red carpet red Haute Couture Dior drop waist tulip gown until….she turned around.

Jennifer Lawrence GG2013

It was going so well but what is going on with the bust?  It was not flattering in any way, shape or form.  It drew too much attention to the bust area and not in a good way.

My most disliked dress award goes to Sienna Miller.

Sienna Miller

Maybe I’m blind but am I the only one who had a problem with the gorgeous Sienna Miller’s choice of 60’s flash back separates?  It looked as though it came out of her great-aunt Matilda’s closet.  Yes, it was unique, different and off the wall, and if you know me you would know that is right up my alley.  But it just didn’t work.  I didn’t like the fact that you caught a glimpse of her mid-drift every so often and her hair and make-up was uninteresting as well.  This look for me was by far the worst dressed.

But the good always out weights the bad.

Hit List.

The evening brought about a number of black dresses and a few of them ended up in my favs.

Katherine McPhee was wearing a sexy black number by Theysken’s Theory.

katharine-mcphee GG2013

Katherine McPhee may not always be on your top star radar but over the years I have notice when it comes to the red carpet she has a great sense of style.  This black gown with low plunging neckline, front wrap split showing a lot of leg and a waist band was on point with her long lean body.  She was looking like a Hollywood bombshell and her confidence in this risky dress was electric.

Eva Longoria also wore a sexy black gown by Emilio Pucci.


The lace bodice with large keyhole neckline and back combined with a soft sheer gathered skirt with high split was singing all the right keys to me.  How could I not like it? It was everything I loved in one dress.

Nicole Kidman and Kate Hudson also wore amazing black gowns both by one of my favorite fashion houses, Alexander McQueen.

Nicole_Kidman_2013_Golden_Globe_AwardsKate Hudson GG2013

Both dresses made my hit list.  They both had structure with a flattering silhouette but most importantly it had a bit of rock edge that fit both stars perfectly.

Michelle Dockery in Alexandre Vauthier was white and gold done amazingly.

Michelle Dockery GG 2013

It was the right tone of gold which made the gown elegant and not goddy.  I only wished the neck was cut down a bit more for her structure.  It cut her off a little bit.  But I still adored the gown.

Zooey Deschanel looked stunning her red carpet red ball gown by the ball gown master Oscar de la Renta.  It was perfect on her.  And she kept her styling simple with just some delicate peals, to let the gown speak for itself.

zooey deschanel GG 2013

And as we all know my number one favorite dress went to Lucy Liu in her floral ball gown by Carolina Herrera.  This gown is not an easy one to wear but as many stylists said and I have to more than agree is that Lucy Liu wore it so well.  It was something many were not expecting but it was such a pleasant surprise.  You either loved it or hated it and I have to say I fell into the absolute love.

Lucy Liu


July 12, 2012

Spit, Polish, Shine: Men, the Truth is in your Shoes.

“They” have always said that if you want to know a man’s character look at his shoes.  Now this is not an empirical fact, but it is a nonetheless intriguing thought, being passed down from generation to generation.

As women, we used this theory as a dating tool to help determine the relationship quality of a potential suitor.  For men, it is commonly seen as a way of “sizing up the competition,” in terms of wealth and self-worth.  The corporate world views it as a reflection on a person’s work ethic, ambition and drive. Whether or not these theories are true, I, for one, admit that a man’s shoes are the first place my eyes are drawn to; studies have shown, however, that I am not alone.

I believe that a man’s shoes say a lot about his sense of fashion and character.  They implicitly scream that he cares about himself and his appearance; that he is a well-kept, well groomed man. Men, I know there are many of you who could care less about this stuff, but like it or not, this is a growing truth of how an overwhelming majority of our society views your shoes and I’m sure it will be passed down from generations to come.

With your shoes being one of the first places people look, it’s evident that they make a lasting first impression.  Therefore, take heed to my advice: whether it is runners, loafer or oxfords, keep your kicks looking fresh, up to date, clean, and polished. For there is nothing worse than seeing a well-dressed man in a pair of unsightly shoes.

So men, what are your shoes saying about you?  Do you need a shoe makeover?


May 21, 2012

Billboard Awards Fashion Review

Along with a few million viewers, I spent my Sunday evening watching the 2012 Billboard awards.  It was a pretty good awards show; I enjoying the host, the music, the tributes and performances, but most, of all the fashions.  I always enjoy seeing which celebrity and their stylist got it right and which ones missed the mark.  Was that look a ‘good idea’ or a ‘bad idea’?

White Blazers.

Let’s start with host and sitcom star Julie Bowen.  Her white ¾ sleeve blazer paired with black leather look leggings was definitely a ‘good idea’.  It was well proportioned, tastefully accessorized and not over done.  Julie Bowen looked hip and fresh, with just the right amount of rock and roll edge.Miley Cyrus took a risk last night that maybe didn’t quite pay off.  Although the concept was there, the poor execution of it is the reason why this look is placed in the ‘bad idea’ category.

Miley wore a white oversized, double-breasted, boyfriend blazer dress?  Or was it just a blazer missing bottoms?  Because it was very short length and revealing neckline this look did not appear cool and effortless but rather came across looking sloppy and trashy; and her hair and make-up did not help her case.  While watching this debacle unfold, the only image that came across was a seductress, temptress etc… I hope that wasn’t the noun’s Miley was going for.

If the neckline was heighten a teensy’ bit more and the hem line lowered another 2.5- 3 inches, maybe hair pulled back and accessorized with a wow necklace,  then we would have had a stylish fashion forward trend setting look here, but that wasn’t the case.  So let’s just go with what did work….hmmmm…. the shoes were nice.

Ladies In Red

There was a strong presence of beautiful red gowns last night.  Taylor swift, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood were all competing for the title of ‘lady in red’.  Although they were all stunning it their own way there were a couple that hit spot more than others.

Starting with my least favorite, Carrie Underwood Grecian inspired one shoulder gown that she wore during her performance was certainly the right shade of red.  The red sheer was laid over a white or light pink giving it that nice hue.  The ‘miss’ in this dress was the one too many trains.  Carrie really could have done without the wrist train, it definitely a ‘bad idea’.

Kelly Clarkson wore a backless deep ‘V’ maxi dress.  The vibrant red played of nicely with Kelly’s dark hair.  She pulled together a sultry, sexy look and did not come across as trashy.  The colour and silhouette of the dress was a good idea for Kelly’s complexion and new found body.

My best red dress of the night award goes to Taylor Swift’s.  Now, I may be a bit bias due to the fact that I love lace and my favorite colour is red however, the crimson red shade, the style, the silhouette and the design of the gown was on point.

This Elie Saab gown spoke to Taylor’s image and style; it worked with her body and gave her the desired long and lean silhouette.  It was edgy and modern, sexy, yet classy and sophisticated.  Well done to Taylor swift and her glam crew (who ever they are). ‘Good Idea?’ Yes, yes and yes!!!!

Electric on it’s own.

Jordan Spark’s dress during her Whitney Houston tribute performance was one of my favorites for the night.  She nailed it with her cobalt and black combo number.  The design of the dress was a black leather deep sweetheart bustier cut bodice with a cobalt blue skirt.  It was surely pleasing to the eyes and fit her shape fit body like a glove.

It was a smart choice to keep the look clean and not to over accessorize this dress.  Leather on its own is a bold statement, too much could look too gawdy.   It was definitely a more mature look for Jordan and it was gorgeous on her.

The ultimate ‘Good Idea’ of the night!

And the Ultimate ‘Good Idea’ award of the night goes to….Carrie Underwood.  Although I wasn’t 100% on board with Carrie’s performance gown, her “red carpet” attire was a dream.  She rocked that Oscar de la Renta ball gown like nobody’s business; it was made for her.

It was fun, and dramatic, and playful and sexy, it was just everything a ball gown should be.  It was accessorized well and styled to perfection.  There is absolutely nothing about this look I would have done differently…well except wear it myself.

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