I Like Fall…..Fashion!

October 29th, 2016


I can’t say Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I know I may be out of the norm as many often love this time of the year. People often enjoy the crispness of the cooler air and yes of course the leaves of the deciduous tress changing into the vibrant shades of red, orange and yellows; I can admit it’s beautiful until they being to fall. However, for me fall is mainly wet and gloomy reminder that (in ‘Game of Thrones’ fashion) “winter is coming”.

There is one thing that gets me through this gray season and that of course is the great fall fashions.  Fall is one of the best fashion seasons hands down.  The mixing of the rich deep colours, the fabulous fall coats and leather jackets, the trendy boots and closed toe shoes.  Sweater and sweater dresses, funky print tights, box pleat skits and of course the accessories; scarves and hat.

As a stylist and true fashionistas I love to have fun mixing up and layering fall pieces. Standing in front on my closet putting together a stylish combo does give me a bit of pleasure amongst the gloom.  I do try to fully embrace that brief moment in the time when it’s not yet too cold or too wet in which I can wear my peep toe booties before I have to trade them in for my rain boots and winter mocs. Where my light wool trench and my little leather jackets paired with a scarf is enough to keep me warm, leaving the parka in the back of the closet a little while longer.

With trying to take the glass half full approach, I guess I do like fall?!





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